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More Details

For the crypto-curious, some basic information on how Bitcoin, the Blockchain, and our platform interact.

Our mission

We're big believers in the power of alt-coin technology to revolutionise global commerce. The technology will lower costs, and empower both consumers and businesses everywhere. We're excited, and think you should be to. Get on board!

  • Empower business without feeding oligopolies.
  • Lower costs and reduce global transaction costs
  • Don't demand revolution, promote evolution.

We work with existing retailers to simply continue doing what they're doing, whilst adding a sales channel offering consumers the choice between paying in crypto-currency, and credit cards. We promote crypto-currency without demanding a steep learning curve from merchants, nor any change to their existing practice. Just add some crypto love to your business!

Rob Wilson

CEO. Where the buck stops.

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Communications. Where the buck gets explained.

Peter Godbolt

Technology. Where the buck gets hacked.